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  • Invisible world is interesting.

    Something have in this world which we can not see with  eyes but it is possible inner self.

    Nodoudt about this there are alot of secret hidden on this world, which we can not thing. Invisible world is one of them ,from it i mean that where we can see some energies or powers ,which are good or bad .first I clear you we all are energy which figure in human bodies and another creature who live on earth. Souls or spirits are without bodies everything is invisible .

    About humans

    God or higher energy is owner of good energy . That energy present every creatures . Some known and another unknowns ,humans are top on list for universe. Everyone takes 9months for come this world.during this period soul and people link with angels and God . God give his path and reason why send you on world name universe. angel always stay with you when your new in this world they guide you so that evils not be harm you, when you enter your 6 year .not only singel person, every one forget who I am really is?

    Common facts

    Where we come from this is still is mystery for us .after our 5 years we understand about world ,kith and kins and family. We live in identity which given by others for example perents. Parents also part of world untill given time period by higher spirit(God) . If we focus nothing in our hands language skill ,manners,behave and education that all we learn from others . Everything desided by others like good school,friendcircle,how to behave and clothes when we are in the period of childhood. After that it become our life long habits and taste.

    Thoughts and stress

    When we realised that after this earth some thing have who protect us but what it is that . If some want to know invisible world just search about it on electronic devices or best way blieve ourselves and read some holy books it will help us to meet our higher self .now turn to thoughts ,what is thoughts ? according to science that is chemical reaction in our brain but in spiritually way that is reflections of our actions like what we think right state of mind we can see invisible world .stress ,imotions,love , feelings and kindness are just our action is reaction. Our brain believe in feel and act . For example when we feel angry and suddenly our body react in stress.

    Tell mee if you want to know about this world.

  • Power of breathing

    From ancient time people are focusing on breath. Every living beings inhale and exhale without any effort . It is automatic activity but it has healing powers. You can heal yourself with help of breath.

    Focus on breathing make us active whole day. In maditation we give first preority to breathing when we are one with breath at that time we open new door for us , where all doors of universe opens for all the secrets open on the front of us . Everything link with eachother on here .

    People can take a lot of benefits from consertrate on breath . Firstly memory will be shared as compare to others .you will live long without suffering from diseases . Stress will stay from you . You can maintain your beauty long time. You Will look like a young than your real age.

    Deep breath will effect you more than normal one . When we take long and deep breath then it thouch with our soul and whole body come on present moment and we know be present mean where we are not in our thoughts and body experience . We are just present and not anything else. That is practical knowledge . We all are busy in our life for some reasons,if we our thoughts make us frustrating ,why not we choose focus on breath it will help deal with all kind of thoughts . We can take freely deep breath every where .

  • Spiritual journey

    Everyone should  know about it ,but that is our bad luck we are forgeting spiritual life  day by day.

    In simple words spiritual journey mean our real iditenty, who we are ?and what is the perpuse of our life on this world. Normally self identity mean our name, family sername and date of birth with the base of world language. Spiritual life give chance to know materlistic world . That is nothing time to time it will change or living beings will die and born with new body and new identity which given by others.but your soul Will be old .that is universe truet we all bleong to same energy that is higher energy ,( God) and one day we attache’s with higher energy. After finish life journey and fullfil our path

    Everything by us if we close eyes nothing exist in this world for us. Just think about that .

    When you’re away from your thoughts and feeling of our body only our souls ‘s home . Some thing happen with us at that  time some energy or we can say our angels are contact us . From that time we our entre in  spiritual  journey and continuely some repeated numbers and some signs are appear in the front of our . We should never miss it because some one want to talk by through it.  It will be out of world may be from another universe where we come .Remember when it happen that mean God want and give you sign start your spiritual journey.

    There are so many why to learn spirituality.

    Subcounciouse mind is pure form of spirituality. Pineal gland is still mystery for science but in spiritual world it is sources of spirituality ,where you are not normal person you have powers to know everything which exist in this world. spiritual awakening depend on karmas. That is one type of powers which is commonly have every human they born this powers but now people have not exact information. Maditation , mantras and yoga are best way to meet with higher self . If you don’t know anything about spiritual world. It is enough for you.

    Saints are well known about spiritual world.

    Spiritual people’s words like a new life. so we should read holy books because some Hidden massage are available for People goodness , With that we also start journey . Prayer is part of it . Every holy books behind some scientific reason they also not ignore it . Saints are stay away illustration world because they know everything is illusion eventhen our thoughts also . You must learn about spiritual world. Life experience is bigger than another knowledge. Self Believe play very vital role in life.